Power up your forms with integrations that enables you to share your submissions with the apps and plugins you already use

How to setup

We provide detailed documentation for each integration. Please follow the guides in this section to setup your integration. Examples:

  • Webhook - Enables you to send your submission data to an external source
  • Email - To receive an email when a new submission is received


We process each integration as soon as a new submission is received but depending on the implementation details, there might be a short delay (usually less than a minute) until an integration is fully processed.

If an integration fails (e.g if your webserver cannot process the webhook request), we retry the integration up to 5 times with random intervals. If the integration is not successful, we mark it as "Failed" and stop processing this particular event.


You can see the integrations logs in your Form details page. Open your Form on the Forms page, click on the Logs tab to see the logs.