Webhook integration enables you to send your submission data to an external source

How to setup

Open your Form on the Forms page, click on the Integrations tab and open the Webhook integration settings.

Enter your Webhook URL and click on "Save" to save your settings.


Congrats! Your Webhook integration is now active.


We will send a POST request to the URL in your Webhook settings. The URL will receive this JSON payload:

  "createdAt": 1632900730814,
  "submissionId": "6152167a06ae64da8c323a3e",
  "formId": "515040b1adb26cf225e58c57",
  "data": {
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "text": "This is very cool!"


You can use webhook.site to test your webhook. Open webhook.site and use the given random endpoint to test the webhook.