Email Notification

Email integration enables you to receive an email when a new submission is received

How to setup

Email notification integration allows you to receive an email notification for every submission posted to your form.

Open your Form on the Forms page, click on the Integrations tab and open the Email integration settings.

You can use your existing email address (the email address you used to login to NoCodeForm) or add a custom email address. Then click on Save to activate the integration.


Congrats! Your Email integration is now active.

Reply-to feature

NoCodeForm automatically adds a "reply-to" header to your email notification if an email field exist in your submission data.


  "createdAt": 1632900730814,
  "submissionId": "6152167a06ae64da8c323a3e",
  "formId": "515040b1adb26cf225e58c57",
  "data": {
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "text": "This is very cool!"

Since the "email": "[email protected]" field exist in the form data, you can directly reply to the sender email address who originally submitted the form ([email protected] in this case)